Redesigning an organisation to become more user-centric at BT

The challenge is that our customers view our services as one singular journey, indifferent to the department or team(s) that are involved in designing and building that service. So, to ensure our teams are more focused on customer goals and less on platform technology and product features (as they are today) we needed to better organise ourselves around our customer lifecycle model.

Taking a service design approach to our organisational re-design using the LBGUPS framework

The LBGUPS framework

Mapping our existing alliance to the LBGUPS framework

Week 1: Establishing our objectives & principles for change

Our principles for change:

Our areas of risk:

Our objectives:

Week 2: Defining customer goals for our alliance

The Customer Goal engine created by Jeanette Clement

Week 3: Ideation

1. A multi-tribe support squad

2. A special projects squad

3. Platform & Brand agnostic squads

Week 4: Defining our alliance model

Our UP alliance organisational redesign

Measuring the impact of our changes

  1. Positive impact on our customer experience. We’d measure journey CSAT, NPS, and also task completion rates (change of settings, buying an addon, paying a bill, or setting up a direct debit).
  2. A convincing majority of positive feedback (observed through squad or alliance retros and bi-annual employee surveys) from our people about ways of working.
  3. Velocity in sprints would eventually (2–4 months) recover and exceed our previous velocity rates.

Early reflections




Head of Design at BT. Founder at

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Ed Vinicombe

Ed Vinicombe

Head of Design at BT. Founder at

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